"What makes the ARENA MAKER great? The ease and simplicity. Unlike other arena maintenance tools out on the market, a simple 5 minute crash course and you have a perfect arena. You hook up and drag.

   It leaves the base secure, we don't have unsoundness issues by having the ground too deep or too shallow. There is the option of making your ground any depth you want.

   It is the go to machine, you can cut out the potholes in your driveway, rake the gravel in your driveway to look nice, and loosen the ground in the garden.

  There are endless possibilities for the ARENA MAKER"

                                 Randy and Lacey Fox - Moxie Washington

  "I train strictly reiners. Earlier in the year I had some soundness problems

   A friend showed me the ARENA MAKER, a new groomer on the market. Since I didn't have a tractor I didn't think it would work for me, but it comes in a 4-wheel model so I got one.

   It is easy to use, hooks easily to a 4 wheeler, the ladies can put it up and down.

   It rips the hard ground and fluffs the surface as good as any thing I've seen.  It has a base bar that cuts the base, making the base really, really smooth. There is no up and down on the base to jar the hocks while keeping that top 3-4 inches really fluffed.

   It has been amazing for me. I have had no soundness problems since I started using it. They are outstanding.

If you are looking for a groomer that is easy to use, hook up and go, indoor or outdoor, big or small it really doesn't really matter. You can get the job done fast"

                                  Matt McDowell -All Star Performance Horses
                                                                          Enterprise, Oregon